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You are ready to explore your dreams and travel. Then, it`s time to plan your Bulgaria holiday and benefit from our tour packages Bulgaria.

We are here to take you around a small country with rich history, inspiring nature, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly people. Bulgaria and our private Bulgaria tours are a promise for unique experiences and memories.

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When we took the tourism path, we knew our love to Bulgaria only. It turned out to be enough to make our private tours in Bulgaria for you. We like to make you feel the spirit of ti

Tour Packages Balkan

Bulgaria is part of the Balkan Peninsula and is also marked with its difficult destiny. For that we made tour packages Balkan in different variations. Our wish is to make you breathe the air and feel the atmosphere of this interesting place, the Balkans.

American captain Fox talks about the `complicated Balkans`. We can only blame the position of the peninsula for the Balkan countries` political destiny. Due to Balkans’ central location in Europe and the fact that they served as a bridge towards Asia; Balkans suffer the strong after-effect of every whim that Europe and the world had. Balkans were doomed to stand in the path of the greatest racial movements. The Balkans are full of surprises. They never fail to bring interesting stories.

Balkans are the cradle of ancient civilizations like the He

Treasures of Varna

Hunting the treasures of Varna in Bulgaria tours

Bulgaria Tours Day 1

Bulgaria Tours – a day spent in the city of Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria, like people know Varna. Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest settlements on these lands. Varna is the place where the oldest gold treasure in the world was found. The treasure dates back
from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC. This same Varna becomes the home of the biggest and only one of the kind in the world cultural historical; and entertaining and educational museum. The museum opens in the spring of 2019. It is going to be like a time machine. People will be able ‘to travel back’ in time in the different eras; in the development of the human civilisation on the Bulgarian lands.

Varna as one o

Cyber war

Are cyber wars at our doorstep?

In recent months the world has made the acquaintance of anew and perfectly designed computer worm with a specific purpose. Known asStuxnet, this dangerous code targets industrial systems by using hithertounknown security portals. Stuxnet is the first harbinger of a new era in whichcomputer worms will be able to wreak damage beyond the abstract world on theconcrete world around us.

Viruses like Stuxnet can, for example, damage the pumps onwater, natural gas, and oil pipelines. They can cause overloads on electricalpower distribution grids and transmission lines, causing them to malfunction,even explode. They can pave the way to the unanticipated collapse of systemssuch as mass transport, health, logistics and banking systems.

Given that the digital hardware and software produced byhumans is not going to be flawless, it is very difficult right now to estimatewhere and how far this danger may go in the future. I

East West

An East – West Journalist Hasan Mert Kaya Caner

Her latest book, Begum, acclaimed writer describes journalist Kenize Murad describes life and the struggle of a woman of the eastern world caught in a triangle of love, power and social pressure. Making a splash with her much-talked-about novel, From Palace to Exile, Murad in this latest book takes up the story of the uprising led by Begum Hazret Mahal, who lived in Northern India`s powerful Awad Kingdom in the 19th century. We spoke with Murad about her career in journalism, the world of the east and her most recent work, Begum, in an interview for readers.

You have a long career in journalism that has taken you to some of the world`s most dangerous places. Do you love your work?

Yes, journalism is a job that is very important to me and that I have always loved to do. This profession has been a great adventure for me that 1 could never give up. I could easily have worked in France and French p

Hope Egypt

Hope for Egypt: Dream or Reality?

Don the theme, Dream or Reality? International Book Fair welcoming bibliophiles this month. And Egypt is the guest of honor.

Last year 5 guest of honor was Spain. By the end of the fair, which featured interviews with popular Spanish writers Julio Llamazares, Soledad Puertolas and Angelas Caso, we had learned so much about Spanish life and culture that we wondered all year long who the next guest country would be. Finally the day came and it was announced: Egypt. And we realized how little we know about this country we have been following closely in recent months, especially during the 18-day people’s movement.

When it comes to the literature of this sunny land that is striving to turn dream into reality, a single writer comes to mind: Naguib Mahfouz. Egyptian Ambassador to Turkey Abderahman Salaheldin summed it up perfectly when he said, “The situation is deplorable. Very few Egyptian writers have been transl

Jamana Marmalade

Let’s start the day sweetly

Jamana marmalade, the best way to preserve fruit and vegetables out of season, are an indispensable part of Turkish breakfast. How about adding a dash of color to winter tables with unfamiliar flavors like pistachios, tangerines, black mulberries and lemon peel jams and marmalades?

Making jam is one of the favorite ways to preserve fruits and certain vegetables before they go bad. Jams made from almost any fruit as well as vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes and olives, and from petals of flowers such as rose, is one of the indispensable additions to Turkish breakfasts. It`s easier than you think to make jams and marmalades, mixing in season fruit with sugar in the same pan and cooking it to just the right consistency.

Maria Ekmekgioglu, famous for her jams and marmalades, suggests giving your winter tables a touch of color with unfamiliar flavors like pistachios, tangerines, black mulberries and lemon peel.


All will be ready there, and thou shalt have thy pleasure of me, and no one in the world shall know it, and I shall not have acted like a woman of the streets.`” When the page had returned to Setna, he repeated to him all the words that she had said without exception, and he said, “Lo, I am satisfied.” But all who were with Setna began to curse.

Setna caused a boat to be fetched; he embarked, and delayed not to arrive at Bubastis. He went to the west of the town, until he came to a house that was very high; it had a wall all round it, it had a garden on the north side, there was a flight of steps in front of it. Setna inquired saying. “Whose is this house?” They said to him, “It is the house of Tbubui.”

Setna entered the grounds, and he marveled at the pavilion situated in the garden while they told Tbubui; she came down, she took the hand of Setna, and she said to him, “By my life the journey to the house of the priest of Bastit, lady of Ankhut

Temple Ptah

Then Setna went to the King, and told him everything that had hap to him with the book. And the King said to Setna, “Take back the book to the grave of Na.nefer.ka.ptah, like a prudent man, or else he will make you bring it with a forked stick in your hand, and a firepan on your head.” However, Setna would not listen to him; and when Setna had unrolled the book, he did nothing on earth but read it to everybody.

After that it happened one day, when Setna was walking near the temple of Ptah, lie saw a woman of such beauty that another could not be found to equal her. On her there was much gold, and with her were fifty-two servants. From the time that Setna beheld her, he no longer knew the part of the world he lived in. He called his page, saying, “Do not delay going to the place where that woman is and finding out who she is.” The young page made no delay. He addressed the maidservant who walked behind her, and questioned her, “What person is that?” She said to

North Koptos

“He turned to the haven, and sailed down, and delayed not in the north of Koptos. When he was come to the place where we fell into the river, he said to his heart: `shall I not better turn back again to Koptos that I may lie by them? For, if not, when I go down to Memphis, and the King asks after his children, what shall I say to him? Can I tell him, “I have taken your children to the Thebaid, and killed them, while I remained alive, and I have come to Memphis still alive”?

Then he made them bring him a linen cloth of striped byssus; he made a band, bound the book firmly, and tied it upon him. Na.nefer.ka.ptah then went out of the awning of the royal boat and fell into the river. He cried on Ra; and all those who were on the bank made an outcry, saying: `Great woe! Sad woe! Is he lost, that good scribe and able man that has no equal?`

“The royal boat went on, without anyone on earth knowing where Na.nefer.ka.ptah was. It went on to Memphis, and they

The Easter Torch Part 8

Thetrap was ingeniously contrived: a long rope fastened round a block of wood;lengthwise, at the place where the sawn panel had dis-appeared, was aspring-ring which Leiba held open with his left hand, while at the same timehis right hand held the other end taut. At the psychological moment he sprangthe ring, and rapidly seizing the free end of the rope with both hands hepulled the whole arm inside by a supreme effort.

Ina second the operation was complete. It was accompanied by two cries, one ofdespair, the other of triumph: the hand is “pinned to the spot.” Footsteps wereheard retreating rapidly: Gheorghe`s companions were abandoning to Leiba theprey so cleverly caught.

TheJew hurried into the inn, took the lamp and with a decided movement turned upthe wick as high as it would go: the light concealed by the metal receiver rosegay and victorious, restoring definite outlines to the nebulous forms around.

Zibalwent into the passage wit

The Easter Torch Part 7

Ina few moments, this same gimlet would cause the destruction of Leiba and hisdomestic hearth. The two executioners would hold the victim prostrate on theground, and Gheorghe, with heel upon his body, would slowly bore the gimletinto the bone of the living breast as he had done into the dead wood, deeperand deeper, till it reached the heart, silencing its wild beatings and pinningit to the spot.

Leibabroke into a cold sweat; the man was overcome by his own imagination, and sanksoftly to his knees as though life were ebbing from him under the weight ofthis last horror, overwhelmed by the thought that he must abandon now all hopeof saving himself.

“Yes!Pinned to the spot,” he said, despairingly. “Yes! Pinned to the spot.”

Hestayed a moment, staring at the light by the window. For some moments he stoodaghast, as though in some other world, then he repeated with quivering eyelids:

“Yes!Pinned to the spot.”


The Easter Torch Part 6

Histhroat was parched. He was thirsty. He washed a small glass in a three-leggedtub by the side of the bar and tried to pour some good brandy out of adecanter; but the mouth of the decanter began to clink loudly on the edge ofthe glass. This noise was still more irritating. A second attempt, in spite ofhis effort to conquer his weakness, met with no greater success.

Then,giving up the idea of the glass, he let it fall gently into the water, anddrank several times out of the decanter. After that he pushed the decanter backinto its place; as it touched the shelf it made an alarming clatter. For amoment he waited, appalled by such a catastrophe. Then he took the lamp, andplaced it in the niche of the window which lighted the passage: the door, thepavement, and the wall which ran at right angles to the passage, wereilluminated by almost imperceptible streaks of light.

Heseated himself near the doorway and listened intently.

Fromthe hill came t

The Easter Torch Part 5

Thenhe had passed under the portico, and had listened at the top of the stone stepsby the door which was secured with a bar of wood. He shook so that he couldscarcely stand, but he would not rest. The most distressing thing of all wasthat he had answered Sura`s persistent questions sharply, and had sent her tobed, ordering her to put out the light at once. She had protested meanwhile,but the man had repeated the order curtly enough, and she had had unwillinglyto submit, resigning herself to postponing to a later date any explanation ofhis conduct.

Surahad put out the lamp, had gone to bed, and now slept by the side of Strul.

Thewoman was right. Leiba was really ill.

Nighthad fallen. For a long time Leiba had been sitting, listening by the doorwaywhich gave on to the passage.

Whatis that?

Indistinctsounds came from the distance—horses trotting, the noise of heavy blows,mysterious and agitated conversations. The effo

The Easter Torch Part 4

Whatfollowed must have undoubtedly filled the driver with respect. The youngpassengers were two students, one of philosophy, the other of medicine; theywere returning to amuse themselves in their native town. They embarked upon aviolent academic discussion upon crime and its causes, and, to give him hisdue, the medical student was better informed than the philosopher.

Atavism;alcoholism and its pathological consequences; defective birth; deformity;Paludism; then nervous disorders! Such and such conquest of modern science—butthe case of reversion to type! Darwin, Hackel, Lombroso. At the case ofreversion to type, the driver opened wide his eyes in which shone a profoundadmiration for the conquests of modern science.


“Itis obvious,” added the medical student. “The so-called criminal proper, takenas a type, has unusually long arms, and very short feet, a flat and narrowforehead, and a much developed occiput. To the e

The Easter Torch Part 3

Onthe main road there was a good deal of traffic, an unceasing noise of wheelsaccompanied by -the rhythmic sound of horses` hoofs trotting upon the smoothasphalt.

Butsuddenly the traffic stopped, and from Copou a group of people could be seenapproaching, gesticulating and shouting excitedly.

Thecrowd appeared to be escorting somebody: soldiers, a guard and various membersof the public. Curious onlookers appeared at every door of the inn.

“Ah,”thought Leiba, “they have laid hands on a thief.”

Theprocession drew nearer. Sura detached herself from the others, and joined Leibaon the steps of the inn.

“Whatis it, Sura?” he asked.

“Amadman escaped from Golia.”

“Letus close the inn so that he cannot get at us.”

“Heis bound now, but a while ago he escaped. He fought with all the soldiers. Arough Gentile in the crowd pushed a Jew against the madman and he bit him onthe chee

The Easter Torch Part 2

Leibawent to the town hall, then to the sub-prefecture to denounce the threatener,begging that he might be watched. The sub-prefect was a lively young man; hefirst accepted Leiba`s humble offering, then he began to laugh at the timidJew, and make fun of him. Leiba tried hard to make him realize the gravity ofthe situation and pointed out how isolated the house stood from the village,and even from the high road. But the sub-prefect, with a more serious air, advisedhim to be prudent; he must not mention such things, for, truly, it would arousethe desire to do them in a village where men were rough and poor, ready tobreak the law.

Afew days later an official with two riders came to see him about Gheorghe; hewas “wanted” for some crime.

Ifonly Leiba had been able to put up with him until the arrival of these men! Inthe meanwhile, no one knew the whereabouts of Gheorghe. Although this hadhappened some time ago, Gheorghe`s appearance, the movement