The Easter Torch Part 3

Onthe main road there was a good deal of traffic, an unceasing noise of wheelsaccompanied by -the rhythmic sound of horses` hoofs trotting upon the smoothasphalt.

Butsuddenly the traffic stopped, and from Copou a group of people could be seenapproaching, gesticulating and shouting excitedly.

Thecrowd appeared to be escorting somebody: soldiers, a guard and various membersof the public. Curious onlookers appeared at every door of the inn.

“Ah,”thought Leiba, “they have laid hands on a thief.”

Theprocession drew nearer. Sura detached herself from the others, and joined Leibaon the steps of the inn.

“Whatis it, Sura?” he asked.

“Amadman escaped from Golia.”

“Letus close the inn so that he cannot get at us.”

“Heis bound now, but a while ago he escaped. He fought with all the soldiers. Arough Gentile in the crowd pushed a Jew against the madman and he bit him onthe chee

The Easter Torch Part 2

Leibawent to the town hall, then to the sub-prefecture to denounce the threatener,begging that he might be watched. The sub-prefect was a lively young man; hefirst accepted Leiba`s humble offering, then he began to laugh at the timidJew, and make fun of him. Leiba tried hard to make him realize the gravity ofthe situation and pointed out how isolated the house stood from the village,and even from the high road. But the sub-prefect, with a more serious air, advisedhim to be prudent; he must not mention such things, for, truly, it would arousethe desire to do them in a village where men were rough and poor, ready tobreak the law.

Afew days later an official with two riders came to see him about Gheorghe; hewas “wanted” for some crime.

Ifonly Leiba had been able to put up with him until the arrival of these men! Inthe meanwhile, no one knew the whereabouts of Gheorghe. Although this hadhappened some time ago, Gheorghe`s appearance, the movement

The Easter Torch Part 1

Ion Luca Caragiale (1852 ?—1912)

Caragialefirst came to the attention of his country`s readers through the pages ofConvorbiri Literare, a] literary periodical to which he contributed severalshort stories. Maiorescu, Roumania`s most distinguished critic, became at onceinterested in this new author, and under his influence, Caragiale quicklyassumed a place of importance among the writers of his country. Prof. S.Mehedintzi, in a preface to Roumanian Stories, writes: “Caragiale, our mostnoted dramatic author, is … a man of culture, literary and artistic in thehighest sense of the word. The Easter Torch ranks him high among the greatshort-story writers.”

Thisstory, translated by Lucy Byng, appeared in Roumanian Stories, published in1921 by John Lane, by whose permission, and that of the translator, it is herereprinted.

TheEaster Torch

LeibaZibal, mine host of Podeni, was sitting, lost in thought, fey a table placed

Kazanlak – the town of the most beautiful among women, the rose

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Holidays Bulgaria – Kazanlak – the town of the most beautiful among women, the rose…

There is something in Kazanlak, which is not only the beautiful nature and the fascinating women. There is something which is in the air, something which is soaked in the soil… Something that explains the specific atmosphere and flavour Kazanlak has. Atmosphere of a place where time stands still but life doesn`t; where one can feel peaceful, calm and safe. And the flavour of the rose, the unique rose.

The Valley of Roses and the Valley of the Thr

Going Koptos

“And when he came from the temple he told me all that had happened to him. And he said: `I shall go to Koptos, for I must fetch this book; I will not stay any longer in the north.` And I said, `Let me dissuade you, for you prepare sorrow and you will bring me into trouble in the Thebaid.` And I laid my hand on Na.nefer.ka.ptah, to keep him from going to Koptos, but he would not listen to me; and he went to the King, and told the King all that the priest had said.

The King asked him, what it that you want is?` and he replied, `Let them give me the royal boat with its belongings, for I will go to the south with Ahura and her little boy Merab, and fetch this book without delay.` Therefore, they gave him the royal boat with its belongings, and we went with him to the haven, and sailed from there up to Koptos.

Koptos and Harpokrates

Then the priests of Isis of Koptos, and the high priest of Isis, came down to us without waiting, to meet Na.nefer.ka.

Egyptian short story

(Anonymous: about 1400 B.C.)

The manuscript of this story was found during the Nineteenth Century in the tomb of a Coptic monk. Nothing is known of the author, but it is assumed that he lived not long after the time of the probable origin of the Egyptian short story. Setna and the Magic Book is one of those wonder tales that have from time immemorial evoked the admiration of the world, and particularly of the Orientals. Whether or not the Egyptians actually believed all they were told in a fairy tale is an idle conjecture: but it seems probable that the strange happenings described in this story were accepted by many. Even the present age of science has not entirely banished a belief in magic: some of the finest of modern tales are based upon an ineradicable belief in the supernal oral.

The translation here used is that by William Flinders Petrie in l(y yjOinn Tales, Vol. 2, published in 1895 by Methuen and Co., by whose permission it is here reprinted. The original ma

Turkey Women National Volleyball Team

Your successes as the Turkey Women`s National Volleyball Team in Europe made all of us proud. You especially were the best in receptions. What is the source of this success?

Turkey Women’s National Volleyball Team players have been playing together for a long time. When you look at it, there are very young players too but most of us are experienced players. Throughout our sports careers we all played in very high-level games and now we are able to shake off that stress and nervousness of big games. Of course, we can also say that our team is successful because it is an ambitious and energetic team.

You got married last year. Congratulations. What is the role of your family in your achievements?

Thank to my dear husband Onur

Thank you. I always say; I believe that my marriage brings me luck. My husband Onur Sonsirma is indeed my biggest supporter, he has always been by my side in tough times and good times too. If I achieved something, if I am me

Topmost flower

And the youth went to the valley of the acacia; and his elder brother went unto his house; his hand was laid on his head, and he cast dust on his head; he came to his house, and he slew his wife, he cast her to the dogs, and he sat in mourning for his younger brother.

Now many days after these things, the younger brother was in the valley of the acacia; there was none with him; he spent his time in hunting the beasts of the desert, and he came back in the even to lie down under the acacia, which bore his soul upon the topmost flower. And after this he built himself a tower with his own hands, in the valley of the acacia; it was full of all good things that he might provide for himself a home.

Seven lathors

And he went out from his tower, and he met the Nine Gods, who were walking forth to look upon the whole land. The Nine Gods talked one with another, and they said unto him: “Ho! Bata, bull of the Nine Gods, art thou remaining alone? Thou hast left thy vi

Windmills in Turkey

Only the breeziest of hills become home to windmills, where grains are ground into flour. When the winds rouse enough might to turn their large wheels, the crushing stone begins to do its work.
Some of the windmills are struggling to resist the disruptive means of time.
Morsels of grain, now turned into fine powders, replenish markets and tables alike. Though Anatolia’s tradition of many a century has been replaced by more contemporary processes, windmills still firmly exist all around Turkey. Let us go where the wind takes us…


By far, the Bodrum peninsula houses the highest number of windmills in Turkey. Nearly all villages connected to the county have remnants of the abandoned ground-grain tradition. About eighty windmills, the oldest being nearly four hundred years old, reside on the various windy peaks of the peninsula. The mills sitting a