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(Nameless: about 1400 B.C.)

The manuscript of this story was discovered throughout the Nineteenth Century within the tomb of a Coptic monk. Nothing is understood of the creator, however it’s assumed that he lived not lengthy after the time of the possible origin of the Egyptian brief story. Setna and the Magic Ebook is a kind of marvel tales which have from time immemorial evoked the admiration of the world, and notably of the Orientals. Whether or not or not the Egyptians truly believed all they had been advised in a fairy story is an idle conjecture: but it surely appears possible that the unusual happenings described on this story had been accepted by many. Even the current age of science has not completely banished a perception in magic: among the most interesting of recent tales are based mostly upon an ineradicable perception within the supernal oral.

The interpretation right here used is that by William Flinders Petrie in l(y yjOinn Tales, Vol. 2, printed in 1895 by Methuen and Co., by whose permission it’s right here reprinted. The unique manuscript is N a part of the so-called Doulaq Papyrus. There is no such thing as a title to the unique slniy, (lie title right here used being that given it by the transcriber.


The mighty King Consumer-maat.ra (Rameses the Nice) had a son named Setna Kha.em.uast who was a fantastic scribe, and really realized in all the traditional writings. And he heard that the magic e book of Thoth, by which a person could enchant heaven and earth, and know the language of all birds and beasts, was buried within the cemetery of Memphis. And he went to seek for it together with his brother An.he.hor.eru; and after they discovered the tomb of the King’s son, Na.nefer.ka.ptah, son of the King of Higher and Decrease Egypt, Mer.neb.ptah, Setna opened it and went in.

Now within the tomb was Na.nefer.ka.ptah, and with him was the ka of his spouse Ahura; for although she was buried at Koptos, her kadwelt at Memphis along with her husband, whom she liked. And Setna noticed them seated earlier than their choices, and the e book lay between them.

And Na.nefer.ka.ptah mentioned to Setna, “Who’re you that break into my tomb on this method?” He mentioned, “I’m Setna, son of the good King Consumer.- maat.ra, residing endlessly, and I come for that e book which I see between you.” And Na.nefer.ka.ptah mentioned, “It can’t be given to you.” Then mentioned Setna, “However I’ll carry it away by power.”

Then Ahura mentioned to Setna, “Don’t take this e book; for it can deliver hassle on you, because it has upon us. Hearken to what we now have suffered for it.”