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“And when he got here from the temple he advised me all that had occurred to him. And he stated: ‘I shall go to Koptos, for I have to fetch this guide; I can’t keep any longer within the north.’ And I stated, ‘Let me dissuade you, for you put together sorrow and you’ll carry me into hassle within the Thebaid.’ And I laid my hand on Na.nefer.ka.ptah, to maintain him from going to Koptos, however he wouldn’t hearken to me; and he went to the King, and advised the King all that the priest had stated.

The King requested him, what it that you really want is?’ and he replied, ‘Allow them to give me the royal boat with its belongings, for I’ll go to the south with Ahura and her little boy Merab, and fetch this guide directly.’ Subsequently, they gave him the royal boat with its belongings, and we went with him to the haven, and sailed from there as much as Koptos.

Koptos and Harpokrates

Then the monks of Isis of Koptos, and the excessive priest of Isis, got here all the way down to us with out ready, to satisfy Na.nefer.ka.ptah, and their wives additionally got here to me. We went into the temple of Isis and Harpokrates; and Na.nefer.ka.ptah introduced an ox, a goose, and a few wine, and made a burnt providing and a drink providing earlier than Isis of Koptos and Harpokrates. They introduced us to a really positive home, with all good issues; and Na.nefer.ka.ptah spent 4 days there and feasted with the monks of Isis °f Koptos, and the wives of the monks of Isis made vacation with me.

As well as, the morning of the fifth day got here; and Na.nefer.ka.ptah referred to as a priest to him, and made a magic cabin that was stuffed with males and sort out. He put the spell upon it, put life in it, gave them breath, and sank it within the water. He crammed the royal boat with sand, took go away of me, and sailed from the haven: and I sat by the river at Koptos that I would see what would turn into of him. And he stated, Workmen, work for me, even on the place the place the guide is.’ As well as, they toiled by evening and by day; and after they had reached it in three days, he threw the sand out, and made a shoal within the river.

After which he discovered on it entwined serpents and scorpions and all types of crawling issues across the field during which the guide was; and by it he discovered a deathless snake across the field. And he laid the spell upon the entwined serpents and scorpions and all types of crawling issues, which have been across the field, that they need to not come out. And he went to the deathless snake, and fought with him, and killed him; however he got here to life once more, and took a brand new kind. He then fought once more with him a second time; however he got here to life once more, and took a 3rd kind.