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And the youth went to the valley of the acacia; and his elder brother went unto his home; his hand was laid on his head, and he forged mud on his head; he got here to his home, and he slew his spouse, he forged her to the canines, and he sat in mourning for his youthful brother.

Now many days after these items, the youthful brother was within the valley of the acacia; there was none with him; he spent his time in searching the beasts of the desert, and he got here again within the even to lie down underneath the acacia, which bore his soul upon the topmost flower. And after this he constructed himself a tower together with his personal palms, within the valley of the acacia; it was stuffed with all good issues that he would possibly present for himself a house.

 Seven lathors

And he went out from his tower, and he met the 9 Gods, who have been strolling forth to look upon the entire land. The 9 Gods talked one with one other, and so they stated unto him: “Ho! Bata, bull of the 9 Gods, artwork thou remaining alone? Thou hast left thy village for the spouse of Anpu, thy elder brother. Behold his spouse is slain. Thou hast given him a solution to all that was transgressed in opposition to thee.” And their hearts have been vexed for him exceedingly. And Ra Harakhti stated to Khnumu, “Behold, body thou a girl for Bata, that he could not stay alive alone.” And Khnumu made for him a mate to dwell with him. She was extra lovely in her limbs than any lady who’s in reside complete land. The essence of each god was in her. The seven lathors got here to see her: they stated with one mouth, “She is going to die n sharp loss of life.”

And Bata cherished her very exceedingly, and she or he dwelt in his home; he handed his time in searching the beasts of the desert, and introduced and laid them earlier than her. He stated: “Go not exterior, lest the ocean seize thee; for I can’t rescue thee from it, for I’m a girl like thee; my soul is positioned on the pinnacle of the flower of the acacia; and if one other discover it, I have to battle with him.” And he opened unto her his coronary heart in all its nature.